Breach & Clear adopts an alpha formation, kicks in the door to Google Play

iOS update hits unexpected delay, out soon

Breach & Clear adopts an alpha formation, kicks in the door to Google Play
| Breach & Clear

It's a good day for action strategy fans on Android, as the Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winner Breach & Clear has made its way to Google Play.

Like a poorly planed raid on a compound, we already knew this was coming - but that doesn't make it any less exciting for Android and iOS gamers alike.

Why should iOS gamers be excited by this news? Because a new update is due out today for the Apple version that'll introduce mountains of new doors for you to kick in.

When one door closes

This new content takes the form of missions around the forests and enclosed compounds of Freiberg, Germany and it also adds snipers, heavy armoured units, and shotgun rushers for you to factor into you strategies.

It also adds a new 'Bomb Defusal' mode that tasks you with finding and disarming bombs as a timer counts down and endless waves of enemies rush in to keep you busy.

Happily for Android gamers, the Google Play version - which you can download here - includes this new content already.

As for when this content will come to iOS, Mighty Rabbit told us via email that it was scheduled for today but delayed due to unexpected downtime with iTunes Connect.

We'll update this story as soon as the iOS update is live.

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