PopCap’s Bookworm out now on DSiWare in UK

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PopCap’s Bookworm out now on DSiWare in UK
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PopCap’s addictive word game Bookworm is now available to download on your DSi through the console’s spiffy download service, DSiWare.

The game has you spelling out words from a sea of letters, making your way from left to right and spelling words as you go. Gamers with a venerable vocab and a vigorous vernacular will win big, as long and complicated words earn more points.

The game has been tweaked for DSiWare, with vertical play and attention given to the dual screens and stylus. Plus, there's a bumper crop of DS exclusive features to discover.

The game’s been a big hit across PC, Game Boy Advance, iPhone and mobile, racking up more than 100 million downloads on ten platforms. It’s not as good as Bookworm Adventures, the game’s RPG-styled successor which still hasn’t gone handheld - one of life's biggest travesties.

The game is now available in the UK and Ireland from the DSiWare store for 500 Nintendo Points (about £4.50 in real people money).

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer