Piece broken crosswords back together in Bonza Word Puzzle for iOS and Android this March

My nan wouldn't be pleased

Piece broken crosswords back together in Bonza Word Puzzle for iOS and Android this March

MiniMega claims that Bonza Word Puzzle is a "new type" of crossword. I'm not sure if that's the case, and it doesn't really matter, as it's a compelling puzzler either way.

My crossword-loving nan would instantly jeer at the concept of there being a new type of crossword. She'd probably start outlining the fact that a crossword has to have cryptic clues with the answers tied to numbers in a grid.

Nan, don't fret, Bonza Word Puzzle does have "hints" and "grids". It's just not really cryptic and, well, there are no numbers. Please don't throw a chair at me.

What the game actually involves doing is arranging fragmented crosswords into a whole. The words in the grids are held together by a theme.

So if it's Fruit, expect the words to be "apple", "orange", and "banana".

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The tougher puzzles are those that are both more fragmented, and hide the theme from you. You have to attempt to fish out words in a sea of letters, some of them by themselves, others in pairs, or in threes if you're lucky.

It can be tough to get a starting point, but once you do, it should hopefully give you an idea of the theme.

If you're really stuck, you can reveal a word by buying a hint with your coins. You're rewarded these for completing puzzles. And yes, you guessed it, you can buy more coins through IAPs.

You do have another option: you can ask a friend if they can see any words in your alphabetical mess.

Word up

Providing you aren't completely stumped, Bonza Word Puzzle is a satisfying puzzler, especially if you're fond of words.

If you are stuck, the free daily puzzle should give you something to do. Plus, if you don't mind forking out 69p, you can purchase a month's worth of older daily puzzles, or buy the extra puzzle packs.

Bonza Word Puzzle will be coming to iOS and Android in March for 69p / 99c. For that price, you get the Starter Pack, and Puzzle Pack 1 and 2, which contain 30 puzzles each.

More information about Bonza Word Puzzle can be found on the game's website.