Block Legend is an upcoming retro puzzle-RPG for iPhone and iPad

Out this Thursday

Block Legend is an upcoming retro puzzle-RPG for iPhone and iPad
| Block Legend

The puzzle-RPG always strikes me as a slightly delirious mix of mechanics.

Using block matching to perform sword swipes and healing spells sort of feels like fiddling with the insides of the game. This is how all virtual fights work, you see. We just don't usually get to see the inner workings.

Block Legend is the same.

It's a fast-paced match-'em-up that sees you trundling through a fantasy land hacking up funny monsters, stopping off at shops to buy special potions, and smacking giant bosses in desperate struggles for survival.

It's all bright colours and giddy ideas, with your stumpy-legged hero cheerily facing down death at every corner as you increase his experience points, strengthen his armour, and find special blocks for him.

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There's a thick campaign mode for you to play through here, made up of a series of different zones. Once you've smashed your way through one, you unlock the next.

The whole game wouldn't look out of place on a SNES emulator, with nice thick pixels all squidged together to form the adorable sprites.

Block Legend will go live on the App Store this Thursday. And while we don't know how much it's going to cost, we do know that it won't have any IAPs in it.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep your puzzling eyes on the App Store from about midnight on Wednesday.