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Blind Drive is a game about driving while blindfolded out now on iOS and Android

Blind Drive is a game about driving while blindfolded out now on iOS and Android
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Lo-Fi People has released Blind Drive, a new arcade driving game about driving through traffic while blindfolded, and it’s out now for iOS and Android devices.

The game is a good mixture of comedy and thriller where you need to weave through the oncoming vehicles at insane speeds. You can only use your hearing, instincts and reflexes to get through rush hour unscathed.

As you can’t really see anything, you have to focus more on the audio. This’ll let you know when there’s an oncoming car or if you’re about to ram into something you shouldn’t. The game also has full voice acting and features many hyper-realistic sounds to get the gameplay just right. In fact, Lo-Fi People claims it’s possible to even finish the game with your eyes closed.

While the game’s subject matter sounds serious – as it involves a drive being kidnapped, blindfolded and chained to the steering wheel – it’s actually an extremely campy game, toeing over the line more towards a B-movie crime caper more than anything else.

It also looks fantastic that a developer has been able to craft an experience that relies on audio cues and not sight, which will also make Blind Drive incredibly accessible to gamers who have impaired vision.

The game has 28 levels overall, which includes boss fights, mobsters, dolphins and even your own angry grandma to contend with.

You can play Blind Drive by downloading it from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. The store pages don't seem to be live yet but the game launches at 5PM GMT today so be sure to check after then if you're interested in playing it.

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