Blek animated walkthrough for levels 51 through 60

Complete solutions to every puzzle in the game

Blek animated walkthrough for levels 51 through 60
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Blek is an inventive and elegant puzzle game, inspired by calligraphy, Japanese prints, and the antique game Snake.

You start each level by drawing a squiggle, which will then keep repeating itself. The goal is to draw a self-perpetuating doodle that scores through all the coloured dots, without touching the black ones.

In this animated guide, we'll show you one solution to each puzzle in the game. Remember that there's no single answer - these are just the ones that worked for us.

Also note that these solutions are from the iPad version, and some may not apply to the puzzles on the iPhone or upcoming Android edition.

Level 51 Blek Level 52 Blek Level 53 Blek Level 54 Blek Level 55 Blek

We've cut this GIF down in the interest of saving you bandwidth, but rest assured that all the coloured circles are hit with this solution.

Level 56 Blek

On this level, note the position of the spinning dots. They should be facing the right way when you draw the initial line. Then, let go of the line when the right-most dot is facing to the right.

Level 57 Blek Level 58 Blek

This nasty level is all about timing. Make the first spike (up) when the red dot on the right is pointing down. Make the second spike (left) when the red dot on the bottom is pointing down. Let the line go to hit the top red dot when that dot is facing right.

Level 59 Blek

We're going to cheat on this level, a little, and use a portal. Simply draw a circle with your finger to make a wormhole. Make two, as shown above. Now the line will transfer between the two portals.

Level 60 Blek

We're using another portal here - I think you have to use one, so it's not cheating. If you can't see, the portals are in the bottom left, and in the very centre of the screen.

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