Blek gets 20 new levels, proves that paid games can make money too

Stats attack

Blek gets 20 new levels, proves that paid games can make money too
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Fantastic touchscreen puzzler Blek has got 20 new levels in its latest update. Plus, its creator Kunabi Brother has released lots of sales numbers.

First off, it turns out that some of you are really good at Blek. Like, you've even managed to clear all 60 of its original levels without making a single mistake. Ridiculous.

Anyway, this is why it took a while to design these 20 new levels. "How do you challenge a virtuoso?" Kunabi Brother asked.

You can find out the solution the studio came up with by downloading those new levels for free (if you've already purchased Blek) right now.

Now, on to those numbers - and there are lot of them, so let's do this by bullet points.

Blek has:
  • Been downloaded 1,500,000 times
  • Made $2,000,000 in revenue
  • Been installed on 5,000,000 devices, including "unauthorised downloads"
  • Become #1 on the App Store in over 50 countries

That's not all of the stats either. The most downloads Blek had in one day was 34,000, and that was on May 4th 2014. And, over 50 clones of Blek have been removed.

Lastly, there are two pie charts below to have a look at.

The first one shows what percentage of downloads came from what app stores (Apple's, Google Play, Amazon's).


While this second one shows the percentage of downloads that each country contributed to.

And that's that. You can see all these numbers on Blek's website.

And if you haven't purchased it already, then you can grab it for £2.49 / $2.99 on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.