Bleak Sword introduces version 4.0, including a bunch of new challenging content

Bleak Sword introduces version 4.0, including a bunch of new challenging content
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One of the best exclusives to the Apple Arcade, the souls-adjacent Bleak Sword, just received a massive update that introduces a bunch of new content. This patch includes ten entire new levels alongside a new boss fight, two new enemies to do battle with, and a fair bit of new music too.

Developed by Devolver Digital and more8bit, this little indie title sees you taking part in a variety of different combat scenarios, usually different from the last, by managing your stamina, health, and dodging enemy attacks as you dish them out in return.

One of the coolest and most unique features of Bleak Sword is the art style alongside the general stages you’ll be doing combat within. These sections are somewhat diorama-esque - usually a smaller square field that has a different sort of environment depending on the fight. Combat is close-quarters, close-range, and quite stressful at times. This all makes it very Dark Souls-like, even down to the darker vibes.

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These vibes are represented expertly through an endearing pixel style that is only made up of black and white with a dash of red for the blood effects. All-in-all, it makes for a really engaging and tough action game.

As for the update, the two new enemies being added in are the Hunched Knight, a larger lumbering foe with huge but slow attacks, and the Tentacled Demon, a multi-limbed creature that presents a different sort of challenge for the experts. The boss fight, on the other hand, will be left for players to find themselves in the service of not spoiling what looks to be a very hard challenge meant for only legendary players.

This update seems like it adds quite a bit to the game, and it's a blessing to see such a great title still being supported a year after release. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, you can download Bleak Sword here!

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