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Blade Idle guide - a couple of useful tips

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Blade Idle guide - a couple of useful tips

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We'll cover a complete Blade Idle guide and give you all the tips and tricks you need in order to level up fast, upgrade all of your weapons and armour, and even teach you a thing or two about arguably one of the most fun elements of the game, which are the costumes.

Are you ready? Then let's dive right in!

An introduction to the Blade Idle beginner guide

First things first: we're going to tackle the one thing which usually proves to be the hardest - the beginning of the game.

Since you won't have a lot of things to work on aside from the simple quests and 3 basic stats to upgrade (ATK, DEF and HP), that's exactly what you're going to do. Everything is pretty straightforward, so all you need to do is complete the quests as they come, and just keep levelling up these basic stats.

More stats will unlock later on (after you reach ATK level 1100), but that will take a while.

All you should be aiming to do for the first couple of hours in the game is distribute these points as best as you can, prioritising ATK.

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Since we mentioned the codes, some of them will have a level requirement, so you should also remember to level up your character every chance you get. With each level, you'll also get Skill Points. Allocating these should be fairly easy (first, ATK, then, the rest) and if you distribute any points in the wrong stats, you can freely reset them, so don't worry about doing the "wrong" thing.

This would pretty much sum up your very first interactions with the game. We've got a bunch of useful tips as well as what you should focus on next, so check out the next pages of our Blade Idle guide below!

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Tip #1 - Start focusing on the weapons and equipment

As you probably noticed from the tutorial, there are quite a lot of weapons and equipment pieces you can equip your character with. These are all available in the Summon option on the bottom side of the screen, and you will use Diamonds for each summon.

You should start doing the 10+2 gacha once, and then the 30+6 gacha (for both weapons and equipment) because that'll be the fastest way to acquire more and level it up. That's right - the gacha can be upgraded too, offering you better items with each level.

Start summoning as soon as your character is in a comfortable spot, because you'll spend quite a bit of time here if you do decide to do it all at once.

The goal

Your main goal is to unlock the bottom row of weapons and equipment, because that will give you access to stronger items. The maximum level you can upgrade the gacha to is 15, so take your time and do this from the start.

Don't forget to also hit the "Merge All" button to merge the existing weapons and equipment you've summoned thus far.

What is the maximum level for each growth stat?

  • ATK: 15000
  • HP: 15000
  • DEF: 2000
  • Crit Rate: 400
  • Crit DMG: 1500
  • Super Crit Rate: 400
  • Super Crit DMG: 1500
  • PEN: 2000
  • ACU: 2000
  • Hyper Crit Rate: 400
  • Hyper Crit DMG: 1500

Tip #2 - Acquire all the costumes

Costumes give you plenty of additional stats as well as a different look, so you should purchase all of them. Some costumes are not available in the shop but can be acquired in other ways, such as the cash market (where you spend real money) or events (such as the daily login event).

Remember to equip the ones that you like the most, and be mindful of the stats they offer depending on what content you're currently clearing.

Tip #3 - Activate the free buffs

There are several free buffs you can acquire by simply watching an advertisement, and if you choose to do this, you'll have a rather big advantage in terms of stats. These buffs can be activated 5 times per day, so if you're a f2p player, you should definitely opt for this.

Tip #4 - Level up and allocate your stat points

Levelling up your character is different from levelling up your growth stats, and this will be achievable by simply defeating more and more enemies and gaining EXP. You should always allocate your stat points (or skill points, but not to be confused with the actual skills) and max out your skills slowly but surely. The order in which to max the skills should be as follows:

  • ATK -> Increase Stage Drop Rate -> Increase Skill Book Drop Rate -> Skill ATK -> Upgrade Final ATK -> DEF -> ATK SPD -> PEN -> ACU -> Increase Accessory Chest Drop Rate -> MOV SPD

You should not bother too much with the Gold Increase stat unless you really have nothing else to focus on. Allocate the stat points as you see fit, but ATK should always be a priority.

Tip #5 - Set up and upgrade your skills

On the game's main interface, you have 3 skill bars that you can set up however you see fit. Every player will have access to 12 Active and 12 Passive skills, but the only ones that can be equipped are obviously the Active ones.

You should try to upgrade them every chance you get because these skills will make a huge difference. The very first skills (grey, green, and blue) have some of the lowest cooldowns in the game, but also the least amount of damage when compared to the ones you unlock later on in the game. However, the "end-game" skills (purple, yellow, and red) have a longer cooldown but also a lot more damage.

  • The best would be to allocate on your first skill bar the very first skills you learn, so they can rotate quickly and be useful for grinding.
  • On your second skill bar, we recommend using the stronger skills, which you can use mainly for the tougher levels or instances.
  • On your third skill bar, you can try mixing them up a bit to create a more balanced skill bar, complete with lower and higher cooldown skills.

Tip #6 - How to get more Diamonds in Blade Idle and how to spend them

Getting more Diamonds is not going to be difficult in this game, because there are a plethora of ways to acquire them. From daily missions to achievements, coupon codes and events, you can get quite a lot every single day.

Spending them is going to be the next topic of discussion because as a f2p player, you will have to spend a lot of them to acquire equipment and weapons, costumes and various Relics and accessories.

How to spend your Diamonds in Blade Idle?

  • First things first, you should purchase, upgrade and unlock all the weapons and equipment. These go a long way, so you'll end up spending quite a lot of Diamonds here.
  • Secondly, you should purchase the costumes - they don't cost too much, and it's better to purchase them all so you can change them at will based on the content you're clearing.
  • Finally, depending on what stage you are in the game, Relics and Accessories are where it's at. The end game will basically rely on you upgrading these as much as possible.

Tip #7 - Don't forget to check your supplies

In your Inventory, you will have a tab where all of your chests are stored - we recommend that you check these often and open them, especially after several hours of non-stop grinding. The Inventory will not fill up, but it's important not to forget to equip and upgrade any items you might get for some additional stats.

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