GDC 2016: All of the games at this year’s GDC Big Indie Pitch

Monster trucks vs dinosaurs, selfies, hide and seek, and everything in between

GDC 2016: All of the games at this year’s GDC Big Indie Pitch

The Big Indie Pitch at GDC 2016 brought with it a chance to take a look at some of the best and brightest upcoming games within the mobile scene.

Not only that, but this year we had some very special Singaporean developers showcasing their latest games too, thanks to Singapore Gamebox.

As such, there was an awful lot to see, and even more to get excited about.

So without further ado let’s begin the roll of honour, and take a look at all of the games that showcased at this year’s GDC 2016 Big Indie Pitch.

Hidden Folks
By Adiaan De Jongh

The winner of this year’s GDC 2016 Big Indie Pitch, and definitely a deserving one.

In this Where’s Wally inspired title, players have to search for hidden people and objects, within beautifully hand drawn interactive environments.

Hidden Folks is still currently in development, so keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming hit.

Swing Star
By Computer Lunch

Swing Star is a virtual reality acrobatic rope swinging adventure designed for the Gear VR. One where you must utilise your spring-loaded hand-helmet to reach each stage’s portal bell.

It was also the highly deserving winner of this year’s runner-up prize, and is definitely one VR game that you’ll want to keep on your radar in this year when VR goes mainstream.

That Selfie Game
By Triband

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Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Well, That Selfie Game which won this year’s 3rd prize, takes that love one step further, and turns it into a game.

In what is essentially charades for selfies, players have to mimic the selfie they are presented with, while others are trying to guess which one they are trying to look like.

By Qixen-P Design

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A stylishly designed puzzle game with a mathematical twist.

In Tallnum you merge numbers in order to prevent your stack from becoming too high.

The Big Indie Pitch was also the first time the developer has ever showcased the game.

Kori Kori
By Qixen-P Design

Described as a rogue-llke adventure about the meaning of life, Kori Kori is a game about Caterpillars and eating leaves.

Players move by swiping, and must avoid falling from the leaf as they aim for the exit.

Kori Kori also features one of the most distinctive art styles that was on display this year, and is definitely worth seeing first hand.

I Wanna Be A Hero
By 4EVA Studios

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I Wanna Be A Hero is an exciting action Rogue-like game. One which utilises a unique gameplay mechanic that sees you simply run into enemies to attack them.

However, you’ll still have to brave your way through the constantly adapting hordes of monsters, while utilising your wits and skills to defeat your them.

Monster Chronicles
By Delta Duck Studios

Monster Chronicles is a turn-based Strategy, Puzzle and RPG.

What’s more, it also includes a unique tic-tac-toe battle system for combat that adds depth and strategy to the gameplay.

Finally if that wasn't enough, the game also includes over 70 uniquely created monsters to battle, customise and even evolve.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?!
By Daylight Studios

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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is a wacky yet charming simulation game where you manage your very own weapon shop and expand its business across the entire potato world.

Rather battling evil doers yourself, this time your crafting weapons for the heroes that come to your shop. Of course, for a price that is.

The game is coming soon to iOS and Android, but has already had a highly successful PC launch on Steam.

Stella Stars
By Whitesponge

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Looking to become the world’s first Multiplayer Online Rogue-lite Arena game, Stella Stars mixes both MOBA, and Rogue-lite gameplay mechanics together.

Stella Stars is designed in an 8-bit aesthetic, with battles taking place across a variety of different sci-fi & fantasy worlds.

It also gives players the ability to level up in a variety of ways as you do battle in these arenas.

Wild Run OL
By FwanGame

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Wild Run OL is a real-time multiplayer racing game. One where up to 4 players can all race for the finish line against each other at the same time.

Including a crazy cast of animal characters, alongside a variety of weapons and unique abilities, this self scrolling racer definitely captures the multiplayer spirit of party racing games.

Zodiac Legend

Unfortunately we don't have any screenshots for Zodiac Legend.

However, I can tell you that this game looks to blend classic brawling gameplay with stylish Kung-Fu action.

Here you take control of a Bruce Lee stylised rat and prepare for action, as you must take on all of the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac through engrossing beat-em-up combat.

Ghost Apocalypse
By Gerardo Garcia

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A tower defence game crossed with a stylish RPG, and featuring an engrossing story and anime stylised artwork.

Upgrade your characters and your weapons, as you fight to survive the oncoming hordes of enemies.

Dice Soccer League
By Lambdamu Games

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From the developer behind Pixel People, Dice Soccer League blends card collecting mechanics with dice-rolling soccer mashup gameplay.

This may sound crazy, but the combination just works.

Not only that but the game looks phenomenal, and is definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for in the future.

Swap Swap
By MediaPod

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In this simple and intuitive puzzle title you must help four different coloured balls escape from a variety of mazes.

What’s more, as you progress you’ll find that these mazes can even swap their position, redefining the puzzle you are presented with.

Finally, Swap Swap will also include a "Swap Universe", where players can design and share their very own designs with the rest of the world.

By Andrew J Adams

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A new twist on an old concept. In Unmatch you are simply tasked with separating matching colours, rather than bringing them together.

This requires players to think about puzzle solving in the exact opposite way to what they’re used to.

On top of this, the game also includes a variety of gameplay mechanics that will challenge the player even further, such as rotating blocks.

The Legend of Groda
by Cshaks Games

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The Legend of Groda is a 3D action RPG game, one that sets you on a quest to rescue the four elemental pillars, and restore balance to The Kingdom of Groda.

Taking place over 21 levels, The Legend of Groda looks to take mobile gaming back to it’s console based RPG roots, through both traditional level designs and and an old-school control scheme.

Blitz Breaker
By Broncho Games

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Blitz Breaker is a simple, fast paced platformer with engaging and addictive gameplay.

Controlling the game is as simple as swiping in the direction that you want to move. However watch out, as Blitz can only jump dash in one of four directions before colliding with a wall or object.

Much like Super Meat Boy, it's a game that's easy to pick up but incredibly hard to master.

Pixel Cup Soccer
By Batovi Games Studio

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Pixel Cup Soccer is a retro inspired sporting title designed for the casual market.

Even free kicks and fouls have been removed in order to focus on the fun of the game.

The final build is set to include 32 national teams, a competitive cup mode, and local players versus player matches on the same device.

Should Shoot
By Prrrpl

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Should Shoot is a competitive two-player experience the takes place entirely on the one screen, and was a game many of the judges were very impressed with.

Within the game players battle to score the most points by shooting at their opponent. Controls are simple, and all you need to do is tap, drag and then release to shoot.

At a time when local multiplayer is a rare beast in the mobile world, Shoot Should is looking to offer an experience on mobile devices that is as old as gaming itself.

By LabRat Games & Everapp Studios

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In DinoMash you and your monster truck have been transported all the way back to Jurassic times, and to make matters worse you’re out of fuel.

In similar fashion to games such as Tiny Wings, this satisfying and stylish endless runner requires the player to quickly dive down onto the bumpy landscape in order to increase their speed and height.

There's also lots to collect and see too, with multiple different monster trucks and locations on offer.

Super Power Boy
By Pixel Blast

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The runner up at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Super Power Boy is an action platfromer which pits a young boy against an Alien army in a fight to save the world.

The game features an auto-run mechanism and only requires the player to swipe and tap.

However, thanks to the upgradable power suit, over time the player will find that their arsenal of skills will gradually improve, bringing with it new abilities and gameplay mechanics.

Omegatech: Aspen's Story
By Megaworld Studios

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Omegatech: Aspen's Story, is a mobile action RPG crossed with shooter mechanics, with a side of PvP gameplay.

It’s also all about cute Cats. As in Omegatech players must become Cat people in order to defend their home planet from an interplanetary invasion.

Mystery of Malfaxus
By NurFACE Games

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In this VR Fantasy adventure for the Gear VR, players must explore the mysterious land they are placed in and discover its secrets.

Featuring a completely hands free gameplay mechanic, NurFACE are looking to make this brand new technology accessible to everyone, through an engaging story and engrossing world.

Super Nanny Sleepytime Ultra HD Alpha Omega
By Space Pajamas

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Taking inspiration from classic 90s fighting games such as Street Fighter II and Streets of Rage, Super Nanny Sleepytime Ultra HD Alpha Omega challenges you to deal with the hordes of children that simple don’t want to go to sleep.

Originally developed in 72 hours, the game has now been featured by famous YouTube gamers such as Markiplier.

Beat Jumper
By Underwater Apps

Beat Jumper is an infinite vertical scroller set inside a disco tower, and is played against the backdrop of a dubstep soundtrack.

The game combines classic arcade high score chasing gameplay, with a unique two-finger edge jumping gameplay mechanic.

It's also highly addictive as I found out first hand.

Penguin Breakout
By PixelBizarre

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In this puzzler you have to guide the game’s cute penguin cast to their destination as fast as possible.

The only problem is, the path is covered in ice.

This time round not only can you move the penguin by tilting the screen, but you can also move the land itself with the touchscreen in order to guide the Penguins to safety.

Puzzle Prison
By Abstract Puzzle

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Puzzle Prison is an endless action puzzle game re-imagined for VR.

Taking inspiration from classics such as Tetris and Bejeweled, players must match up the coloured boxes in order to prevent the tower getting too high.

By Dropout Games

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Blyss is an elegant ambient 'procedural' puzzle experience. One that is supported by a range of ambient themes.

In this self-evolving endless puzzle experience, players must match up the dots on the tiles in order to remove the dots and proceed onto the next stage.

Cerulean Moon
By Nachobeard

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Cerulean Moon is a platformer with a twist.

You see, this time rather than move the player, you simply move the ground underneath their feet.

This is done by simply sliding across the screen, and this control scheme allows for some extremely unique gameplay mechanics and platforming gameplay.

Mutt Runners
By Crackerjack Games

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Mutt Runnerz is a game that combines Mario Kart with mobile gaming elements. Change lanes to avoid obstacles, collect power-ups, and utilise your abilities to knock down your opponents in a race to the finish!

That’s not all though, as not only can you race your dogs, but you can also collect a variety of new pets, and even breed those that you already have.

Zombie Rollerz
By Zing Games Inc.

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Zombie Rollerz is a casual action game that mixes RPG mechanics with classic pinball gameplay.

Select your hero and prepare to use your pinball flippers to launch them into the oncoming hordes of uniquely designed Zombies in this stylish modern take on an old classic.

Disco Party
By Golden Bite Games

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Disco Party is a puzzle platformer combined with runner mechanics.

By touching some tiles, the player changes the platform, making the character jump, invert gravity or turn around.

The player controls the path of a disco-dancer toward his girlfriend, collecting discs and avoiding security guards.

By Zephyr Workshop

In Florafiora you must help defend those living within the various different worlds by growing seedizens, building connections, and ultimately seeding your worlds.

Florafiora has an extremely distinctive and appealing art design, and is inspired buy the classic Nintendo games of the 1980s.

Temple Team
By Kinda Sweet Studios

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Temple Team is a 2-player collaborative game for mobile devices. One person wrangles the map, while the other traverses the temple.

Everything about Temple Team promotes collaboration. However, through doing this is also works to emphasise the strengths of the individual.

The Mystery of Shadow Hill
By Squadventure Games

The Mystery of Shadow Hill is a mystery adventure game with a point and click mechanic. One where you must try to survive the night by uncovering the mysteries of Shadow Hill.

Built using the same engine as their previous title The Lost Chapter, this time you play as a young boy named Lou who initially finds himself trapped inside a school locker with no memory.

Sophia Aubrey Drake
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