Satisfying minimalist puzzler Bicolor is out now on iOS

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Satisfying minimalist puzzler Bicolor is out now on iOS
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1Button is a developer that specialises in creating simple, elegant games for touchscreen devices. Its latest, Bicolor, is a prime example.

It's a minimalist puzzler that tasks you with dragging squares around a two-tone grid. Each square has a number that you erase by dragging it over other squares of a different colour.

Importantly, the squares can only move over squares of a different colour.

This means you have to pre-plan the paths you'll take each square on. You win each level by eliminating all of the numbers.

This gif will explain it better than I can:


Bicolor feels elegant to the touch. Even screwing up is resolved by satisfying swipes to the left or right to undo and redo moves. If you want to restart you just swipe with two fingers to the left.

The gameplay isn't quite as a simple as the interface. The 225 puzzles offer you little assistance, and are the better for this. You're left to stare at the shape of the puzzle and the numbers in the squares - there's no hand-holding here.

I can imagine Bicolor lasting you a good few hours. You can purchase it on the App Store for 69p / 99c.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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