Out at midnight: Control Elliot Page using your iPhone with Beyond Touch app

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Out at midnight: Control Elliot Page using your iPhone with Beyond Touch app
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PS3 adventure Beyond: Two Souls might be a month away from launch, but its iOS companion app - which acts as a controller for casual players - will be available to download at midnight.

If you're out of the loop, Beyond: Two Souls is the new game from Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit auteur David Cage. It stars big-time Hollywood people Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe, and is about psychology and spirituality and stuff.

The free companion app is designed to welcome new players who want to try this intriguing interactive drama but are scared off by all the analogue sticks and buttons and flashing lights and razor-sharp teeth on the PS3 pad.

So, you can play Beyond: Two Souls with your phone or tablet, instead. Furthermore, the game will automatically switch to Easy mode when it 'detects' a touchscreen controller is in use.

When you hook up your iOS device to your PS3, you'll be able to drag your finger to move Jodie or Aiden about, and hold the camera button and drag to look around. You will also be able to tap, hold, and swipe to interact with the world.

Beyond Touch

All that said, the Beyond Touch app is pretty much useless right now.

You see, Beyond: Two Souls isn't out until October 8th in the US, and October 11th in Europe. All you can really do in the Beyond Touch app now is view the tutorial, watch a trailer for Beyond: Two Souls, and pre-order a copy of it.

The Beyond Touch companion app will also be released on Android.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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