Bejeweled 2 goes live on the iPhone App Store

Puzzly goodness in PopCap's first iPhone game

Bejeweled 2 goes live on the iPhone App Store
| Bejeweled 2

PopCap has joined in the App Store launch-day fun, with the release of Bejeweled 2 for iPhone.

They haven't messed with the game itself - why would you? - it's still about swapping adjacent gems to make lines of three or more, which then disappear and make others fall down.

The game's been fully rejigged for the iPhone's touchscreen, meaning you drag gems around with your thumb.

PopCap has bumped up the graphics too, with "planetary backdrops" and more appealing special effects.

Power Gems and Hyper Cubes are thrown in as additional game modes too. You know what you're getting with any Bejeweled game, and this one looks pretty good.

It costs £5.99 - emerging as the standard UK price point for iPhone games from big publishers - and you can find its App Store product page here.