Battlegrounds Mobile India characters - Full list

Battlegrounds Mobile India characters - Full list

All of the BGMI characters available

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If you have shifted recently from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India, you might be searching for a list of all the BGMI characters in the game. So we decided to create that list for you, with all the available characters in the game and some information about them too.

If you are aware of the facts and have played the game even once then you will know that BGMI is PUBG Mobile with a different name. However, there are major differences in the policies of both the games and few minor improvements as well.

Like we said above, the content of the game, including Battlegrounds Mobile India characters, are mostly pulled from PUBG Mobile. So far, we have Andy, Victor, Sara and Carlo. We'll update the list as new ones get released. 

This article describes the characters, their special abilities, the cost to obtain them and lots more. So, without any delay let’s take a look at them. Please note that the special abilities of the BGMI characters are only applicable in Evoground, except TDM.


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BGMI Victor

Everyone is familiar with Victor as he is the first character to interact with you when the game starts. On top of that, Victor is the only BGMI character who is free to obtain. This means players will not have to spend any UC to purchase him.

Cost - Free Skills - Victor considers him as submachine guns expert and geek. He holds mastery in each and every SMG available in-game. Ammo Rush - 4% reduced reloading time in Level 1



According to the game’s story, Andy used to be a professional magician whose career came to an abrupt end due to a mishap. After such incidents, Andy taught himself how to handle guns and became an expert.

Cost - 1200 UC Skills - As he used to be a magician and a puppetmaster, his gun handling skills are quite fast and impressive. Extreme Speed - Increase the speed of drawing and putting away guns by 8% in Level 1


BGMI characters - Sara

The only female character in Battlegrounds Mobile India so far is a vehicle expert. Sara is good at repairing vehicles, whether it’s a Buggy or the Dacia, she can fix any problem in no time.

Cost - 600 UC Skills - One of the best qualities of Sara is, she can modify any vehicle which not only makes it attractive and powerful but also durable. Vehicle Enhancement - Damage taken by a vehicle when Sara is on board is reduced by 4% in Level 1


Battlegrounds Mobile India Carlo

Carlo used to be a Bounty Hunter which made him a weapon specialist. Along with skills in weapons, Carlo has also learned extreme survival skills. After living a dangerous life as a Bounty Hunter to earn money, Carlo now fights with his team.

Cost - 1200 UC Skills - If Carlo has no weapon or is running short of ammo, his survival skills come into action which helps him get rid of any possible threats. Light Leap - Carlo’s fall damage is reduced by 10% in Level 1.

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