Bastion developer rules out iPhone version

Also explains the first gen iPad snub

Bastion developer rules out iPhone version
| Bastion

After sneaking onto the New Zealand App Store, the action roleplaying game Bastion is now available for iPad owners (at least iPad 2 and new iPad owners) across the world.

iPhone owners eager to play the game, however, were left wondering where their version of the mobile port of the award-winning game was, as were owners of first generation iPads who found out their devices could not support the game.

Bastion's Developer, Supergiant Games, shed a bit of light on these two issues by stating that the original iPad was left out of the supported device list due to 'technical reasons'.

Most likely this was due to the fact that the first generation iPad's processor – the Apple A4 – is single core device, a fact that was changed in the iPad 2's dual-core Apple A5.

Don't hold your breath

Regarding the iPhone version of the game, Supergiant stated only that '…we also felt the game experience would not translate well to the iPhone's smaller screen.'

So while Supergiant's language does not completely slam the door on an iPhone port in the future, it doesn't seem likely to hit the market any time soon.

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