Bass Fishing Mania mobile game is quite a catch

Player One bringing fishy fun to your phone

Bass Fishing Mania mobile game is quite a catch
| Bass Fishing Mania

Fishing games are this year's brain trainers! Possibly.

Okay, so fishing seems like a niche, but the addictiveness of Creatures of the Deep on N-Gage has taught us not to scoff at the idea of mobile fishing games.

Now Player One has revealed its new game, Bass Fishing Mania. It's a Java game, not an N-Gage title, but it shares several characteristics with Creatures of the Deep.

Such as? Well, four locations to dip your rod in, ripply water effects, and the use of your phone's vibrating feature for starters.

The game also promises a whizzy 3D hybrid rendering system (translation: nice visuals), and swarming fish AI, which we hope means if you get too good, hundreds of fish suddenly leap out of the water and bundle on top of you.

The game is due out in early May, so stand by for a hands-on preview imminently.