Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is a satisfying path-drawing puzzler plotting its way to iOS on May 30th

Just give me what I want

Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads is a satisfying path-drawing puzzler plotting its way to iOS on May 30th

Ever driven along the Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham? If you have, you'll be familiar with the marvel that a maze of intertwining roads can offer.

You probably wouldn't fancy trying to design the Junction, though. But that's sort of what it's like when playing lighthearted puzzle game Bardadum: The Kingdom Roads.

That doesn't make Bardadum sound very fun, sure. But this is a game you play for its flow and the satisfaction of overcoming the game's tougher puzzles.

Each level of this 2D puzzler is set upon a tile-based grid. Inside this grid will be at least two characters and possessions that belong to them.

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The knight wants her sword. The bard is after his lute. The bird wants to be united with her eggs. The rabbit is after a carrot. And so on.

You just have to draw a path from the character to their possession with your finger. However, each step on fresh ground causes something to grow upon it behind the character (unless it's sand).

This means you can only step on each tile once. Hence, you have to plan each movement in advance. It's easy to make a mistake if you're careless, having to restart, and change your approach.

Luckily, Bardadum's non-linear progression alleviates any possible stress its trickier puzzles might cause.

Each large area of the game is also a grid, you see, with each tile representing a level. You need to get from one corner to the opposite one. You can only move to adjacent tiles.

Barbadum: The Kingdom Roads

Of course, to move forward, you need to successfully complete that tile's level. But the point is that there's always more levels to try if you get stuck on a particular one.

Bardadum is an altogether satisfying puzzler, then. While nothing new, it's got plenty of levels (over 500) and keeps you moving through them at a good pace.

Bardadum will be available for iOS on May 30th. It will also be coming to Android and Windows Phone at a later date. Find more information on its website.

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