Axiom Verge is a forthcoming gruesome yet beautiful sci-fi Metroidvania for Vita

Glitches as features

Axiom Verge is a forthcoming gruesome yet beautiful sci-fi Metroidvania for Vita
| Axiom Verge

Solo developer Tom Happ has announced that his disgustingly beautiful 2D action-adventure Axiom Verge will be heading to PS Vita and PS4.

In this one, you play a man called Trace trapped within a non-linear, labyrinthine world that he must explore to escape.

There, you'll pick up destructive and strange weapons; upgrade Trace; and fight huge gruesome slugs and daunting machines.


I've had my eye on Axiom Verge for close to four years now, and for good reason. Its retro game inspiration extends beyond the pixel-art and Metroidvania comparison, you see.

Happ speaks of the magic of coming across glitches in the technologically limited games of old.

"There might have been a time when a flaw in programming of the game allowed you to see or experience something that was not intended - a secret world, a glitched-out character, an item with bizarre stats and effects when used."

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Happ wants to capture the excitement of going beyond the limitations of a game world. As such, Axiom Verge has exploitable glitches within the game. In fact, they're part of the design.

There's also a Speedrun Mode for those able to get to grips with exploiting the game's more rugged components. This mode contains other features and a streamlined interface to cater to fast runs.

The only negative part of this announcement is the fact that Axiom Verge isn't due for release until 2015. Oh, well, I've been waiting for four years, so what's one more?

You can find more information on Axiom Verge over on its official website.