Aurora Feint 3 levels up for iPad

Online match-three RPG gets an iPad-specific sequel

Aurora Feint 3 levels up for iPad
| Aurora Feint 3

One of the earliest iPhone gaming success stories is hoping to strike it big again when Aurora Feint 3 arrives for iPad at launch.

The online match-three puzzle role-playing series is receiving an iPad-specific instalment later this week.

Details are scant due to the information coming by way of the App Store, but we can tell that it sticks to the classic match-three puzzle play that made the first two games so accessible.

The puzzle board only takes up part of the screen, which leaves plenty of room for...well, nothing. Much of screen is actually empty space judging by these initial screenshots.

Another point to be made is the game's use of OpenFeint, which appears to be a new iPad-specific version of the social network. We've known about it for some time, but it looks ready for the iPad launch on Saturday.

Aurora Feint 3 will be available for iPad on April 3 for free.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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