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ASTRA: Knights of Veda tier list and a reroll guide

ASTRA: Knights of Veda tier list and a reroll guide

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Updated on July 9th, 2024 - Version: 1.60.0 - Added: Sorin, Iris

I've prepared an in-depth Astra Knights of Veda tier list as well as a reroll guide, to help you get a better idea of which characters to play.

This game has a pretty unique way of drawing you in because even though the visuals and character style are unique, the play style is actually extremely catchy! If you managed to get caught in, just like I did, you will want to know which are the characters that you should have on your team, and which are the ones you should max out.

I've created this tier list to give you a better idea of why some of the top-tier characters rank as high as they do, and below you can read the thought process behind it. Of course, it all comes down to everyone's playstyle - if you are used to playing a warrior and like melee combat, you should probably avoid switching to a mage. 

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Below you will find our Astra tier list where I listed all the characters in the game from strongest to weakest. In the S+ tier, we have only 5* characters, while in the S tier, we also have a few 4* that shine through. If you aren't lucky with the pulls, you can always resort to reroll. I've also written a reroll guide below, so don't forget to check that out if you want a stronger start to your adventure.

astra knights of veda characters around the table in tavern

In the lower tiers, I've added the characters that you shouldn't bother upgrading. Even if they look good on paper, when it comes to combat, they aren't all that brilliant. So, steer clear of them. 

Feel free to use the links below to check out a specific tier you might be interested in!

S+ Tier  |  S Tier  |  A Tier  |  B Tier  |  C Tier

ASTRA: Knights of Veda reroll guide

Original article by Cristina Mesesan. Updated by Mihail Katsoris.

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S+ Tier

Sansar character stats
Name Rarity Element Weapon
Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora 5* Light Large Bow
Archer of Antlers Eliyar 5* Blood Large Bow
Saint of the Sun - Sorin 5* Light Sword & Shield
Prayer of Life Saeya 5* Water Club & Shield
White Molar Sansar 5* Light Greatsword

Lightning-fast Arrow Aurora

Aurora can deal lots of damage, and her kit revolves around Crit. She also specialises in Dodge, which she uses effectively to keep enemies at bay. Her Signature skill increases the maximum stacks of Retribution, which is a passive she gains from her normal attacks (Retribution increases her stats, including her Crit and ATK).

Archer of Antlers Eliyar

She is one of the best archers in the game, hence the spot at the top of the Astra tier list. She can inflict Bleed and Wound on enemies, which scales with ATK. You want to combo her Trap with her bleeds to take on large waves of enemies at once.

Prayer of Life Saeya

She is a great tank that is able to restore her own HP. Saeya is also able to inflict crowd control on the enemies, as well as reduce the incoming damage for a short period of time with the passive Shield of Justice effect.

White Molar Sansar

Sansar is a warrior, but also a summoner of sorts. She can summon a wolf onto the battlefield with her Signature skill, and command it to attack enemies. She's also able to deal quite a lot of damage in a short amount of time, which makes her a good DPS character to have.

S Tier

Black Prince Edward stats
Name Rarity Element Weapon
Black Prince Edward 5* Fire Longsword
Black Sun Xanthia 5* Darkness Staff
Eyes of Truth Sarka 5* Light Large bow
Vesti 5* Earth Staff
Lady of Dark Night Arin 5* Darkness Longsword
Magnificence of Light Lucian 4* Light Wand & Orb
Sword of Waves Ellen Farrell 5* Water Greatsword
Thunderblade Marthel 4* Electric Sword & Shield

Black Prince Edward

Black Prince Edward is a Fire-type warrior and a fairly straightforward character. He has no other special skills or effects aside from Burn, but he can deal a lot of damage, especially while under the effect of Harbinger of Flames. This ranks him just below the best characters on the Astra Knights of Veda tier list.

Black Sun Xanthia

Xanthia reduces the enemies' Darkness RES, which means she can work great when placed in a team with other Darkness element characters. She also has plenty of crowd control in her Event Horizon, making her an amazing unit for clearing waves of enemies.

Magnificence of Light Lucian

Although Lucian is a 4* character, he is a great damage dealer. His Signature ability also grants Healing, which applies to allies within range. With him, you get the best of both worlds - a healer, and a decent damage dealer.

A Tier

Black Wolf Liam stats
Name Rarity Element Weapon
Black Wolf Liam 4* Darkness Greatsword
Gifted Doctor Veleno 5* Poison Small Bow
Golden Lion Albert 5* Earth Club & Shield
Prideful Child - Iris 4* Light Wand
Nec 5* Darkness Wand,Orb
Rock Knight Orlik 4* Earth Large Club
Spoiled Princess Atterisee 5* Poison Staff
Walrus Messenger Nayan 4* Water Large Club

Black Wolf Liam

This 4* Warrior is a very good damage dealer, and for a 4* character to deal as much damage as he does, means that he will be able to perform pretty well into the late game. With his Signature skill, Black Wolf, he further enhances his power. Still, we couldn't move him up from the middle of the Astra tier list since he's lacking in other fields.

Gifted Doctor Veleno

She is a 5* character, and she can deal lots and lots of Poison damage. She can be amazing at dealing with large crowds of enemies, since her Great Doctor's Poison Fog is a skill that follows enemies on the battlefield, poisoning them and dealing damage over time. Don't be fooled by her name, she's not actually a healer at all - quite the opposite.

B Tier

Arrows of Storm Ardor character
Name Rarity Element Weapon
Arrows of Storm Ardor 4* Fire Large Bow
Electric Butcher Elias 4* Electric Great Axe
Girl at Noon Rani 4* Light Staff
Noxious Gas Capecchi 4* Poison Wand & Orb
Strong Conviction Leon 4* Blood Sword & Shield

Arrows of Storm Ardor

Ardor is not an outstanding damage dealer, and despite being a Fire archer, he doesn't actually inflict Burn on the enemies. That's the main reason why he is currently sitting in the B tier. He's a little underwhelming skill-wise.

Electric Butcher Elias

Elias is a pretty decent warrior, but due to his lack of damage, he cannot be ranked higher. He is good in a team with Electric damage because he can inflict Shock, but that's pretty much it.

C Tier

Red Duce Andrei at the bottom of the Astra tier list
Name Rarity Element Weapon
Mechanic Yanko 4* Earth Small Bow
Red Duke Andrei 4* Fire Staff

Mechanic Yanko

Yanko is one of the poorest characters at the moment, and we had to put him at the bottom of the tier list for Astra Knights of Veda. The only good thing about him is his Signature skill, which inflicts Binding Arrow, an effect that disables enemies' movement. Aside from that, he is not really worth investing in.

Red Duke Andrei

The only good thing about Red Duke Andrei is his Signature skill, which drops a pillar of fire onto the battlefield. Aside from that, his entire kit is lacking, both damage and damage over time.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda reroll guide

Lucian's skill attack

Rerolling in ASTRA: Knights of Veda is definitely not the easiest thing. However, if you want to go ahead and do it, you should get ready for a real grind. The reroll process takes a lot of time (15-20 minutes per gameplay) and if you are up for it, then I've got just the guide to help you out.

Keep in mind that in order to get to the "reroll" part of the guide, you need to play through the tutorial and several battle scenes, until you reach the Tavern where you can access the Call of the Stars gacha. That's when you can start summoning, and if you're not happy with the results, you can then reroll.

Are you really prepared to reroll?

As I mentioned before, rerolling in this game is not easy. To actually reroll, you will need to prepare ahead of time several accounts, because that's the only way you can do it. If you have a few Google accounts (because you're a dedicated gacha player?) sitting around, they will come in handy. If you don't, then you can use any other accounts that you might have (email, Apple, Line or X for instance), or simply create a couple of new email or Google accounts.

Also, keep in mind that it takes 3 days to change your account name, so if you just decided to smash your keyboard when creating an account name, it might not be the best idea.

Since the reroll process is as difficult as it is if your lucky stars align and you manage to get a 5* unit in the first few pulls, I recommend that you stick to it. It's not guaranteed that you will get a 5* in the very first couple of pulls when you reroll, so if you happened to get your 5* early on, then stick to it.

Always pull from the Start the Call of the Stars gacha

Even though the game recommends summoning from the Knight's First Leap gacha, you don't want to do it. That gacha guarantees you a 4* character, but you should try to get a 5* unit. The Star the Call of the Stars gacha gives you a 5* character guaranteed within 50 pulls, so if you pull 5 times the 10x summons, you will get a 5* guaranteed.

Do you think you got all these tips and are ready to start rerolling? Then let's check out how you can do it!

ASTRA: Knights of Veda reroll guide

To reroll in ASTRA: Knights of Veda, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Menu.
Step 2: Select the Door icon (exit icon) on the bottom left of the screen to head back to the main menu and log off from your current account.
Step 3: Select a different account, and log in.
Step 4: Play through the tutorial and all the way until you get access to Call of the Stars gacha.
Step 5: Pull from the Start the Call of the Stars gacha.
Step 6: If you managed to get a 5* continue playing, otherwise restart with a fresh new account, from Step 1.

If you have a lot of accounts, time and patience to keep rerolling accounts, then I recommend trying to get one of the top tier 5* characters. To go one step further, you can try getting a weapon for them too, but most of the time that's a stretch. However, if you're lucky enough to get it, you should keep that account and continue playing it.

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Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
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