Asphalt Urban GT 2 gets the Green Light

Tear up the tarmac as the 3D street racer starts shipping on the N-Gage

Asphalt Urban GT 2 gets the Green Light
| Asphalt Urban GT 2

It’s the news that the petrolheads have been waiting for: Asphalt Urban GT 2 on the N-Gage has been given the green light and is available to buy now.

The game has expanded its garage, with 37 fully customizable cars ranging from the macho Hummer to the delectable Aston Martin, and also gives gamers the chance to race on two wheels with a selection of 8 motorbikes. Improved in-game physics and collision effects create mean that you’ll need to pay close attention to the numerous bends you’ll find in the game’s 15 tracks.

It’s not only the cars that are famous; pop music celebs The Pussycat Dolls adorn the game’s loading screens and the background music includes Lift Me Up by Moby, from his most recent album, Hotel.

If this all sounds tempting, you can give the game a go courtesy of the free demo that’s available at