Asphalt Urban GT 2 Gets Pimped

More details emerge about the city-racing sequel and list body kits, side vinyls and neons are all on the shopping list

Asphalt Urban GT 2 Gets Pimped
| Asphalt Urban GT 2

Taking a leaf out of MTV’s Pimp My Ride TV show, Gameloft is tricking out its latest racer, Asphalt Urban GT 2 on the N-Gage, with the latest bling hot from the streets. Or something like that, we’re never really sure ourselves – can someone call Xzibit, please? Anyway, all pretensions of cool aside, a few more details surrounding the November release of the game where you get to drive expensive cars at high speed through the world’s cities have been made public.

While a complete list of cars has yet to be made public, it’ll range from the classic (think Triumph) to the modern and everything in between (such as Aston Martin). There will be 45 different cars in total – including a few vehicles of the two-wheeled variety to spice things up – and they’ll all be upgradeable. These after-market accessories can be bought using your winnings from the races and championships that you enter, though not all the challenges will that financially rewarding – some will involve escaping from the boys in blue as the police have finally gotten word of your high-octane antics! You can expect the usual visual tweaks and refinements and the new cities promise to be more beautiful than ever, with London, San Francisco and Los Angeles on the itinerary. A four-player head-to-head multiplayer option will be available via Bluetooth. "Asphalt: Urban GT 2 is all about real cars and motorbikes, real tracks, real music and a lot of fun!” enthused Gregg Sauter, Director of Games Publishing at Nokia. "You can race against your friends in real locations with the tuned up car or motorbike of your dreams and on your way destroy objects and cars." That’ll keep the council highway repairs department busy.