Go Play: Asphalt 3 Street Rules zooms towards N-Gage

Gameloft's racer is looking very impressive

Go Play: Asphalt 3 Street Rules zooms towards N-Gage

Gameloft is an old hand at this turning-2D-mobile-games-into-3D-titles lark, so it's no surprise to find the publisher approaching Nokia's new N-Gage platform with gusto.

The N-Gage version of Asphalt 3: Street Rules was on show at Nokia's Go Play event yesterday and it's looking mighty fine, indeed.

It's based on the same concepts as the existing 2D and 3D mobile versions (read about them here and here, respectively), meaning you're racing cars and bikes in a variety of exotic locations while avoiding the police.

The N-Gage iteration has 14 tracks in seven cities, with nine cars and three bikes to unlock. But the most important improvement is in the graphics, which as you can see from these screenshots, are looking simply spiffing.

More importantly, from our quick go Asphalt 3 plays as well as it looks, benefiting particularly from the landscape gaming mode that will feature in several N-Gage-capable handsets.

Having come away suitably impressed, we're now looking forward to seeing if the final version lives up to its promise.