Asphalt mobile games notch up 10 million downloads

And there's a fourth title on the way...

Asphalt mobile games notch up 10 million downloads

There's been a welcome trend recently of publishers announcing how many millions their key franchises have sold on mobile.

Vivendi Games Mobile trumpeted 7.5 million downloads from its Surviving High School games, while EA Mobile proudly boasted that its The Sims games have sold more than 9 million on mobile.

Now it's Gameloft's turn, possibly spurred by that last bit of news. The publisher has announced that its Asphalt series of racing games has sold more than 10 million mobile downloads.

That's from Asphalt Urban GT, Asphalt Urban GT 2, and Asphalt 3: Street Rules (in its 2D, 3D and N-Gage variants).

Now, I've checked the wording of the press release quite carefully: it refers to the Asphalt "series" topping 10 million "global sales" - which means they could be including sales of its PSP and DS spin-offs too.

Even so, it's a highly impressive figure. "We are excited to welcome Asphalt into Gameloft's exclusive club where some 50 Gameloft titles have topped the million-in-sales mark," says president Michel Guillemot.

"We expect several other Gameloft brands to top the 10-million-in-sales mark this year."

And there's good news for Asphalt fans: Gameloft says that a fourth game in the series will be released this summer.