As with all strategy games, the base is arguably the most important part in Infinite Lagrange, since it basically determines your strength as well as the capacity at which a player can operate. An upgraded base doesn’t come easy though, especially if we’re talking about heading into the end-game at lightning speed. With the release of ‘Phase 3’, players who are just starting off for the first time can use the tips below to help them catch up with the veterans.

Before diving into the important tips for upgrading the base, it’s important to know how exactly to upgrade it. Here are a few important notes in that regard:

  • Each upgrade will cost Metal, Crystals and Deuterium, and all of those can be Mined by creating an Operation and Mining the specific resource.
  • Upgrades can be sped up by using Speedup points (green), which is a resource that replenishes over time.
  • You cannot use speed ups for Base Expansion.
  • To access the base upgrade menu, tap on Base -> Construction.



Take everything slow and steady to understand your needs

It’s important to advance quickly, but not by spending every resource and being left with nothing. The best would be to level up every necessary feature needed to expand your base, and then upgrading the base straight up. There is no point upgrading everything to max level before expanding the base, since the actual expansion cannot be rushed (and it takes several hours to complete).
With that being said, you should take advantage of the low cost requirements a level 1 Base has, both in terms of materials as well as completion time. You can use speed ups to quickly meet the main quests requirements and claim the rewards to get yourself going.


Complete Main Missions Chapters

Completing the main mission chapters should be your priority in the early game as the rewards give you a vast amount of resources. That is the fastest way to acquire resources at the start, until you further upgrade your resource yield.


Quests also grant resources

Even though the rewards are not as hefty as the main missions ones, you should not neglect to complete the rest of the quests.


Maximize your Storage

Expanding your base during the early levels is one thing and it’s rather easy but the further you advance, the harder it becomes, since the requirements go up with every stage. Make sure to max out your warehouses as you are going to need the storage for the materials necessary to upgrade your base at higher levels.


Maximize Production

A very important aspect of Infinite Lagrange is time - real world time. Make sure to maximize your time away from the game by building structures that give you resources over time.


Establish a steady flow of resources

As mentioned above, the further you advance in the world of Infinite Lagrange, the more challenges you are going to face. Having established a steady flow of resources (Metal, Deuterium, Crystals) is very important moving forward. Send out your utility ships to mine nodes and protect them. A nice little tip to expand your utility ships storage is to pair them with a cruiser ship.


Outpost Command Center

With the completion of Base Zone 4, you’ll be able to build an Outpost Command Center. These Outposts can be docked to certain resource nodes. These docks cannot be mined out, but when you relocate your Base to the node, you’ll get a resource bonus. Different nodes provide different bonuses, make sure to find the one most suitable for your needs.


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