Indie game developer Mugshot Games has released Sliding Seas, a new Match-3 puzzle title on mobile that lets you rescue survivors of a shipwreck. The new game comes from the developers of Digfender, a free-to-play tower defense game with over 60 levels created by two Australian brothers.

In Sliding Seas, players will dive into a charming match-3 puzzle game that tasks them to save shipwrecked survivors. These lucky few will then get to live on a tropical island, and with the land-merging mechanic of the game, players can grow that tropical island into a city. On top of the typical match-3 gameplay, Sliding Seas adds a new dimension of height to the game to keep things spicy.

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More than just a match-3 puzzle, the game lets players make meaningful decisions about making their town thrive, whether they’re choosing to build a grocer or a pizzeria to keep the people well-fed and their tummies happy. The adorable artwork and character designs add to the relaxing nature of the puzzle game; plus, you can collect VIP characters to add to your home island as well as unlock power-ups and combos to keep the completionist in you satisfied.

The game also features daily missions and timed events that lets you earn rewards and awesome in-game prizes, with more levels added continuously as the game grows.

Sliding Seas is available to download on the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android if you want to give the game a go. You can also check out the official website to know more about the game, or follow the official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest developments.

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