A3: Still Alive has received a new mode called Fortress Battles, which will be available from August 28th. Fortress Battles has been described as a new “Server-integrated Guild Battle”.

The mode will be a 150-man skirmish where players will be divided into three 50 player guilds. It’s a simple conquer and defend type gameplay where one guild defends while two guilds attack the defender. Check out the new trailer below to see gameplay from the mode.

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Fortress Battles will run every single Saturday beginning from August 28th.

To prepare for this server war, you can ready yourself up this week with the Weapon/Equipment Mythical Awakening which will allow you to upgrade your over level 180 Legendary Set Equipment to Mythical Set Equipment. Finish the entire set and get a new range of substats with more boosts.

Another new person event dungeon is also currently ongoing until September 9th. The Rat Thief Nest and its final boss, the Rat Thief Captain Rattling, are available to take on and you can use rewards earned here for awakening Soul Linkers to the Mystic level. Rewards earned also scale up with the difficulty.

There are also multiple other events that you can currently take part in:

  • Rifts for ‘Inside The Hidden Fortress’ will open every day between 22:00-23:00 during the pre-season to defeat bosses or other players
  • Till September 9th, receive daily login rewards including the Ancient Accessory Chest and Lv. 180 Legendary-Set Chest
  • Participate in ‘Bennet’s Power Up Support Mission’ to earn entry tickets for The Rat Thief Nest dungeon alongside other rewards like the Superior Complement Chest and Superior Artifact Chest
  • Completing Fortress Battles, Tower of Greed and other modes will net you some ‘To the Ballroom Exchange Event’ tickets, earn items here to exchange them for Sweet Ballroom Weapon/Equipment Exchange Tickets

All of these events will be active until the 9th of September.

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