My Talking Angela 2 – the brand new mobile game from multinational mobile gaming company Outfit7 – was recently released to download and play on all major platforms and is currently riding high across app stores worldwide. With a supercharged level of interaction and customisation features, the game brings the popular character of Talking Angela to life like never before.

In this newest addition to the Talking Tom & Friends franchise, fans can enojy a unique blend of care-taking and gamified activities. They can explore the city, dance, bake, make music together, and so much more. And with the advanced customisation options, they can make Angela look however they want!

We spoke with Outfit7’s Senior Product Marketing Strategist, Monika Simec, about the team’s aspirations for My Talking Angela 2 and what they hope fans will love most about the game.

First off, what can players expect from the sequel that they haven’t seen before?

My Talking Angela 2 is a new, exciting and upgraded experience for our players. We’ve built the game with a contemporary and positive character at its heart, one who can be so much more than just a virtual pet. There are some familiar features that we know our fans love, like taking care of Talking Angela. But she’s all grown up now! She’s not a baby – she’s more like a best friend you can keep in your pocket. And as BFFs you play, explore, and go on adventures together. If you forget to put her to bed, she’ll do it herself because she wants to be well-rested to have fun with you tomorrow!

From the number of customisation options, to the high-quality art and game design, we’re pushing the limits of what can be done on mobile with this game. We worked hard to create a sense of realism with her hair and clothes, and how they move – not to mention how she moves. The art and animation are truly top-notch. We even worked with professional dancers to come up with Angela’s dance choreography. I can’t wait to see what our players think!

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What specific aspects of the game can fans look forward to?

Angela has so many interests and passions, so there’s always been this excitement about what she’ll do next. In My Talking Angela 2, she’s moved to the big city – and she wants a BFF who will help her shine! You start by hanging out with Angela in her brand new apartment, dressing her up and doing her hair. Then the game opens up this whole world of activities for you both in the city – there’s a sweet shop, a dance studio, and a music studio to enjoy and explore. And so much more! You can even travel to other cities with her. It’s all amazing fun - like having multiple games in one!

What were your goals when developing My Talking Angela 2 and what do you hope to achieve with the game?

One of our main goals for this game was to create a friendly and feel-good space, where each and every player feels welcome and accepted. We want them all to be able to express their style and have fun, in any way that feels good to them. It’s all about giving the players a choice. That’s why we’ve stepped up the customisation options in this game. And we’ve expanded the range of activities for players to enjoy with Angela too. They can play any way they want!

What do you think it is about the Talking Tom & Friends franchise that has made it resonate so much with its fans?

The Talking Tom & Friends characters have big dreams – and even bigger adventures. And through it all, they really celebrate what great friendship is all about. As a company, we love telling their stories. And it’s been amazing to see how much people around the world have connected with them. With this game, we’re staying true to our roots and creating a coherent, awesome story and experience of Angela. She’s still the same character our fans know and love, but because they’ve changed and evolved over time, so has she. She is an extension of them, after all!

My Talking Angela 2 is available to download worldwide on all major platforms!