Clap Hanz Golf made its way to Apple Arcade a little while ago, adding to the service's growing list of sports games. It's a golf game that is quite different from most that you've played on mobile. Although, the name "Clap Hanz" might sound familiar to you. 

Yup, that's the same developer that created the iconic Everybody's Golf (Hot Shots Golf in the United States) series. Those games have been exclusive to PlayStation console for over 20 years so this version is a bit of a historical one as it's the first to be on a platform outside of PlayStation. 

And with the fact that's on iOS is truly an indication of how big the mobile gaming industry continues to get. It's the first golf game to hit the Apple Arcade too, so the service now features almost every major sport. But, if you're interested in a bit of nostalgia, then here are a few things to know about Clap Hanz Golf