Sneaky Sasquatch is a constantly updated adventure game on Apple Arcade. Featuring an open-world for you to explore as a mischievous, but kind-hearted sasquatch, you can sneak around and steal food from campers (only because he's hungry). 

Also, hilariously, he can dress up as humans and can take part in fun, everyday activities such as racing, fishing, golf, and even skiing. In order to get the clothing and some of the items associated with the activities, you'll need to visit your friend, the raccoon at his shop.

Here are a few tips to help you master life at the park and a couple of ways to earn coins in Sneaky Sasquatch!

However, eventually, you'll buy all of the raccoons' wares. As you accumulate coins, you might find yourself asking: now what can I spend my wealth on? There are a few things that might fly under the radar that you can purchase with your hard-earned cash. 

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