A new game called Pine Creek is coming out for the Nintendo Game Boy later this year as a collaborative effort between retro publisher Incube8 Games, games producer Spacebot Interactive, and indie development studio Carmelo Electronics.

Pine Creek is an adventure game that focuses on exploration, story and following clues. You make friends, think about life and death, eat tasty food and play games in the arcade. It sounds a lot like my own life, except there’s also a darker side to this story.

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In what may be a very David Lynch-esque slant on the story, the town of Pine Creek has experienced the disappearance of a young girl, with the theory that a cult is behind the crime and other ritual killings being popular amongst the townfolk.

With these mature themes in mind, Pine Creek is certainly aimed at an adult audience. It may also appeal to gamers of a certain age with its 2D pixel art and Twin Peaks-style setting.

Pine Creek will be available as a physical cartridge, meaning the game is currently going through a period of pre-orders to ensure the stock meets the demand. If you’re not a collector and would prefer to just play the game at a cheaper price, you can also buy it as a standalone digital ROM.

It’s fully compatible with all Game Boy systems, which includes the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

It also comes in two editions: Standard and Collector’s. The Standard includes a sealed box, cartridge protector, game manual, a black game cartridge and a limited edition stickers sheet.

The Collector’s Edition includes a sealed box, cartridge protector, game manual, a red game cartridge, stickers sheet, a poster of the game, and the soundtrack available as a CD and digital download. It will also have a numbered certificate of authenticity, with there being a limit of 200 copies.

Check out Pine Creek and pre-order a copy from the official website here. The pre-order period lasts from now until 9th August, with a planned shipping date of October 2021.

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