It is always fun and exciting to have someone play with you when you are deciding to hop into your favourite game and that's why we decided to make a list of the best 2 player iPhone games on a different device. If you are thinking to invite a friend to join you in-game, you totally should! There are multiple benefits as things become quite exciting and competitive in-game when playing with a pal.

It also helps you avoid having to play with clueless random players who have no idea what they're doing. Or, perhaps you're just not comfortable gaming with strangers.

Two-player iPhone or multiplayer supporting games often come with online or offline gaming feature, meaning you can play in-person or over the internet. It entirely depends on which players prefer. Either kind is designed accordingly and caters for the same gaming experience.

There are tons of cool games which have mind-blowing content but regrettably only have a single-player option or multiplayer with random people joining your lobby. If you are looking for some games to play with someone whom you know, then we have curated the best two-player mobile games on a different device that are available for you to try out on your iPhone or iPad.