In Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, it’s defeat or be defeated. With up to 74 other players running around the battlefield, you’re going to want to be in the know and have the right weapon in hand, or you’ll end up dead pretty quickly. Our guide will not only tell you what you need to know about the battle system but also which weapons you’ll be using to rise to the top and claim victory.

The biggest difference that sets this battle royale shooter apart is the inclusion of magic. Not only will you be slinging spells against your opponents, but you can also summon famous creatures from the Final Fantasy universe with summon materia, which will then fight alongside you. Magic materia, such as Cure or Protect, can be used in the heat of battle to heal or shield yourself or your teammates, adding even more dynamics to this unique take on the genre.

Melee Weapons

Each class starts with their own weapon that is exclusive to their type, which also means that they have skills that help them use them more efficiently. Warriors have a sword, and their skill allows them to recover HP when dealing damage with it. Sorcerers wield a staff, and this gives them faster MP recovery. Monks use their fists, but their skill provides more healing from spells. Rangers use a dagger, and they get perks for their scoped shots.

There weren’t any additional melee weapons during the Beta other than the ‘Model 89’ versions of the longsword, dagger, and staff. The menu suggests there is plenty of space for other types or styles of these weapons, but we’ll have to wait and see when the final version hits.

Magic Materia

While it may not seem like a weapon in a classic sense, used properly, these magic-laden orbs can deliver some essential tactics on the battlefield. You can slot up to three materia at once, and they increase in level or rarity as you collect more of the same type. So for example, Fire levels up to Fira, and then to Firaga. As expected, materia uses up your MP, and each one has a cooldown timer that you have to wait out before using that spell again. Be careful, in team game types magic materia can do damage to yourself and your teammates!

The First Soldier Weapons - melee weapons
  • Fire - Throws a fireball forward. Good for decent damage at a medium range, but harder to pin on enemies at longer distances.
  • Blizzard - Creates an ice turret that barrages enemies with a torrent of ice projectiles to any opponents in range.
  • Thunder - Summons lightning in a defined circular area that you can place on the ground.
  • Cure - Heals HP in an AoE circle.
  • Comet - Rains down comets to a large AoE which takes a moment to strike. This can be used as an effective means of stopping a team or single opponent from chasing you.
  • Aero - Throw enemies like ragdolls with a gust from this magic AoE effect, or it can be used to quickly elevate you and your teammates to higher ground.
  • Raise - Bring players back from the icy grips of death from a distance.
  • Protect - Creates a barrier of magic to protect against incoming damage.
  • Blind - Summons a cloud of smoke to obscure the enemies' ability to see you.
  • Bio - Creates an AoE circle of poison to damage foes with.


The majority of your time in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, you’ll be sharing firefights with foes, and knowing your weapons well is certainly a good way to have a leg up on the competition. You can procure new guns from large crates with Shinra logos on them or can often find them just laying about inside of buildings. Additionally, some monsters drop them when defeated, so it’s always a good idea to fight them when not engaging other players to not only level up but to increase your firepower as well.

The First Soldier Weapons - Firearms

There are four weapon rarities: normal, rare, epic, and legendary. Each level in rarity brings improved power, control, and a better scope.

Most weapons can be aimed down the sights, making this game feel more like a Call of Duty title, but there’s an auto-fire option so the skill is more about locating your enemy before they find you in their sights. Stock up on ammo often, and when not in battle, make sure both guns you have slotted are reloaded.

Assault Rifles

Lethal Gaze (AR) - A fully-automatic assault rifle. Each round packs a heavy punch, but it trades this power for a larger kick on each shot. Uses heavy ammo. Mk 3 Combat Rifle Mod 2 (AR) - A fully-automatic assault rifle. While it lacks power due to using light ammo, it’s easier to use as a result. Expect tighter focus down the scope and a more reliable shot compared to the Lethal Gaze. Shinra Type B AR 3B (AR) - This 3-round burst assault rifle is easier to handle with minimal recoil. While not full-auto, if you aim down the sights, you can get some quick kills with the added accuracy of the burst shots. Uses heavy ammo.

Light Machine Guns

Inferno (LMG) - A fully-automatic light machine gun. The Inferno uses heavy ammo and has a large capacity, but surprisingly has minimal recoil. This powerhouse offers some serious damage and is easier to lay down fire on opponents with lower kickback.

Submachine Guns

MP-60 Type A (SMG) - This fully-automatic submachine gun packs a powerful punch and has low recoil. Great for longer distances due to the lack of kickback. Uses light ammo. Dissent’s Bane (SMG) - Another fully automatic submachine gun with an extremely rapid-fire rate and is a bit harder to handle as a result. Great in a pinch for closer battles, use your scope to get a better bead on your target at mid-range distance. Uses light ammo.

Sniper Rifles

Mark 5 Sniper Rifle (SR) - A semi-automatic sniper rifle with a rapid rate of fire. Good to lay down cover fire or fix aiming mistakes with a quickly-reloaded shot. Uses heavy ammo.

Executioner Gamma (SR) - The ‘executioner’ is a bolt-action sniper rifle. When each round packs this much punch, it won’t take many to down opponents. Find a good spot to go prone after scoping a target and aim for the head. Uses heavy ammo.


Model S-7 (SG) - This semi-automatic shotgun has a rapid rate of fire. Get close to an enemy and let loose, but be sure to refocus after each kickback. Uses shotgun shells.

Eclipse Eater A-1 (SG) - While this pump-action shotgun packs a heavy punch, it comes at the cost of a lower fire rate. Uses shotgun shells.


87-Type Handgun (HG) - An easy-to-use, fully automatic handgun. Great in a pinch, but trade it quickly for something with a bit more power soon, like an SMG or AR. Uses light ammo.

A2 Wrath Revolver (HG) - This revolver is a semi-auto handgun with a heavy punch. The kickback will keep it from being a decent mid-to-long range weapon, but if you land some hits with it, your opponents will fall quickly. Uses heavy ammo.


Ifrit is the only summon available during the closed beta test, and he sure packs a wallop. Once summoned, he will fight by your side and deal fire damage to foes. This summon materia, while extremely powerful, will disappear after only one use. If you use a summon during the second half of the battle, it will become frenzied and will attack both your enemies and allies, so take caution when using it.

There are plenty of weapons to use in this test, but we’re anxious to see more. Hopefully, they release the stats on each weapon to help better define their characteristics and give us more styles and attachments to customise them to our liking.

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