received a new content update which brings a brand new challenge to its legions of battle-hardened fans.
This challenge comes in the form of a new quest: Call of the Darkness, which sees you venture into the depths of the underworld to complete a gruelling test handed down by the evil god that presides over the land of the dead.

Naturally a quest that foreboding demands a proven champion; in order to unlock it you’ll first need to have cleared Act 6 of your kingdom's main quest line which will open up the game’s new Artifact Mission material collection.

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Once the Artifact Missions become available, you’ll then need to travel to the Nordic Islands; a new location that can be found to the far north of Galtilan. From there you’ll be able dive into the Call of the Darkness quest line which, upon completion, will see you rewarded with several unique and powerful equipment items:

  • Gromm - a battle axe that once belonged to the Lord of Falling Castle
  • Barren - the spiritual armour once worn by Palo

Aside from providing new Artifact missions, the latest content update also rewards those that complete Cyniest’s or Hyllest’s main quests with a new profession - Fear Knight.

As the name suggests, Fear Knights have a reputation for instilling trepidation into their enemies due to their ruthless aggression on the battlefield. These heavily armoured units belong to the cavalry profession and have several weapon categories at their disposal: Polearm, Sword, 2H Sword, Axe, 2H Axe, Buckler, and Shield.

Players are also being treated to a new Prayer Day feature - where you can pray to Vortikon to increase equipment remodeling value - as well as a revamped equipment modification system which provides additional value when equipment is enhanced.

If you’re a fan of strategy titles but haven’t yet tried Knights of Ages for yourself then now is the perfect time to do so - the rich array of management features, in-depth marriage and lineage system, and challenging combat mechanics will provide plenty of content to sink your teeth into!

Knights of Ages is free-to-play and can be found on the App Store and Google Play.