A golden bird, a magic mirror, and a mystical journey to uncover the truth, all set in the breathtaking backdrop of ancient China - Tales of the Mirror takes this picturesque scene and tasks players to solve a murder mystery in a unique text puzzle from Lilith Games.

The visual novel uses a gorgeous hand-painted aesthetic to bring Ming Dynasty Hangchau (modern-day Hangzhou) and Nanking to life. But while the stunning scenery may lull you to a false sense of security, a horrific murder is what actually takes center stage. You‘ll have to use your powers of deduction to do some sleuthing around with your magic mirror, as well as analyze your conversations with colorful characters to find concealed truths.

The game is truly a sight to behold—the visual appeal alone immerses you in the land’s rich history from Suchau (modern-day Suzhou) to the banks of the Yangtze River. Player choices will have lasting consequences throughout the game, with 17 different endings for the ultimate replayability. Plus, the emotional background score is faithful to its era as well, capping off the overall authentic experience.

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Inspired by the legendary novel of the same title, Tales of the Mirror officially releases on August 12th on both the App Store and Google Play with a price of $2.99.