Sneaky Sasquatch was one of the earliest games to release on Apple Arcade and it might be one of the services' most popular. It's an open-world adventure where you take on the role of a friendly, but mischievous, sasquatch, who tries and take food from campers as quietly as possible. 

While doing so, he needs to make sure the campers don't see him, or else he will be chased by the rangers who will promptly send our friendly sasquatch back home. It's a very wholesome game that features some beautiful colours and overall art. 

But, aside from just eating the food of park visitors, sasquatch can do many things that humans usually do, including taking part in sports. It's an aspect that adds to the game's depth of fun and humour. But, when you're not running around, what are some relaxing things to do? The game is actually already fairly chill, but here are a few things that can really relax things. 

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