The Black Mist has found its way to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and it’s about to change everything! Reckoning, the latest (5th) TFT set is around the corner. The ultimate battle between order and chaos, light and dark, good and evil. As the forces clash in this ultimate battle for balance, players must pick a side to determine the fate of the world!

An aspect of that battle between dark and light we will see comes with the addition of the God-King trait. If you are an experienced TFT player you probably remember the ‘9-5’ supremacy comps. Darius and Garen are not your typical Legendary units though. You can’t just throw them in any team comp and expect them to carry you. Their bonuses activate when you only have one of them on your board. Unlike in the previous sets, in Reckoning, choosing specific classes and traits will greatly benefit and boost the power of those two Legendary units. Make sure to put the right teams around them in order to unlock their maximum potential.

Teemo is out in TFT Reckoning

Little devil Teemo brings something totally new to TFT comps as well. He is as powerful as a legendary unit but he comes with a cost. Not the typical gold cost as you might think though. The little devil doesn’t care about your gold. You can get him for zero gold. Teemo wants your life and that’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want to ‘make a deal’ with the little devil to have him on your side of the board. Making him three stars will require A LOT of HP points.

As you will notice from the following lists, there are more three-trait champions than ever. A champion will naturally be of single Origin but in this set, it’s more likely than not to be a part of multiple Classes. That’s very interesting when it comes to team building as it offers a lot more flexibility and gives players more options.

All that is good and interesting, but what you are here to read about is the new units right? So without any further ado let’s take a look at the new Origin and Classes!

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