Updated on September 12th, 2021 - Updated the tier list

Since not a lot going on at the moment in DBZ Dokkan Battle (Global), we figure out to make an LR tier list. Because why not? I mean, if you are into Dokkan Battle, that’s what we do. We make power rankings and we argue with other people about our favourite units. It’s fun. With that being said, every Dokkan Battle tier list is opinion-based, but we tried to be as objective as we can.

If you are a veteran, of course, you have your own Dokkan Battle tier list in mind and nothing is going to change that, but hopefully, this article can help new players get some perspective on the current state of the game.

I say the current state of the game because you never know when Bandai Namco will decide to release a new Extreme-Z Awakening (EZA) or something that will change everything completely.

What is Dokkan Battle?

Dokkan Battle is a gacha game after all and new releases are usually better than the old ones. That’s how this game model works, in order for us (players) to keep getting the new stuff that they release.

Something for the new Dokkan Battle players. Keep in mind, even though there are obviously tiers on this list, that doesn't mean only the top tier units are viable. Of course, the higher tier units can clear pretty much any kind of content a LOT faster, where the lower ones might struggle.

Pretty much anything above Tier B is ok. If you have one of these units, it doesn’t mean they are trash and you shouldn’t play with them or anything like that.

Note that it's meant for global version!

Before we get on with our Dokkan Battle tier list please note, this is a Global version LR tier list. That means NO Goku/Frieza EZA, Team Universe 7, MUI Goku and so on. When those units appear in Global, we will remake the list (or just make a new one). Units on each tier are in no specific order. Also, we have not included the F2P units on this list as we intend to make a dedicated list sometime soon.