Lego is one of those brands that literally everyone knows. Lego games for Switch are also growing in popularity quickly.

You have heard of Legos and probably have built something with Lego at some point in your life. They are known for making colourful creations and being lethal when you step on them, completely destroying your feet.

Along with physical Lego toys, there are a bunch of different Lego games - most of them collaborations between well-known series, bringing fun, colourful and blocky characters to life! With so many different games to choose from, we wanted to talk about the best Lego games for Switch.

Many of these games include characters you have seen before - ones you may be familiar with from various movies, but their Lego games provide for child-friendly action and these games are fun to play and great to explore. Other games are simply Lego titles, which still provide a lot of fun to your Nintendo Switch.