LTGAMES GLOBAL's classic open-world JRPG, Elona is now up for pre-registration on Android and iOS. The game is based on the original PC version which is quite popular due to its rich gameplay and mechanics but gradually lost its popularity due to a steep learning curve.

Elona Mobile has optimized controls and mechanics along with tutorials to help players easily get into the swing of things. The game seems completely revamped and with a lot of customization which players lacked in the PC version.

The story starts as you are escaping the land of Etherwind when all of a sudden a storm appears and afterwards you end up on the island of North Tyris. After exploring and wandering around, you discover that it's a dangerous island filled with creepy monsters. The mobile version hasn’t changed any of the stories or characters. 

Each character has it’s own unique ability and skill set. Apart from that skills like carpentry, blacksmithing, tailoring, fishing, digging, alchemy, and more can also be taught to the character you wish to play. These are extra skills in addition to the primary ones each character possesses. 

You'll be able to be creative and expand your loadouts by customizing them. Likewise, upgrading your talent skills will help combat dangerous monsters whilst recruiting NPCs will make battles more interesting. Remember the game pops out random treasure chests and must be collected in time.

The game is not only about enjoying the adventure in the open-world but pairing it with your imagination to bring in more fun. So, choose your character judiciously to counter the monster and win the battle smoothly. The quicker you progress the bigger and better rewards you earn.

The game is now available for pre-registration for both Android and iOS. Check out the Play Store for Android devices whilst iOS users can install Testflight to download a beta of the game. 

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