Pinball machines are one of the classic arcade machines that used to pop up in physical locations, costing you a few coins to play! Nowadays, there aren’t as many physical arcades as we can play virtually every arcade game on our phones.

When it comes to pinball games, they work much like pinball machines - you have a ball that bounces around the screen, hitting bright areas, using ramps, and collecting points as it moves. You are able to control two paddles, hitting the ball back towards the top of the screen, not allowing it to fall into the gutter. Unlike physical arcade machines, these ones don’t cost money, can have really cool animations, and come in more variety than the ones you would have previously played.

Pinball is just fun whether it's on your iPhone or in-person it doesn't matter

One of the things that makes pinball really fun is the theming for the pinball machines and tables that you get to play on. Whether they are physical and in real life or games on devices, you’ll find a theme that fits with you and that you connect with. Having shiny items to ping against, clang, light up and generally fit into the theme you want to play is very rewarding and fun.

If you are a fan of pinball games specifically, we have created a list of the Top pinball games on iOS for you!