Dadish 2 is the sequel to the highly popular and recognizable initial game of the same name. The game continues the story of a radish dad who tries to save his child radishes. In actuality, it restarts the tail, but in different locations.

In the first game, you were at home and were asleep as the baby radishes saw a balloon and start chasing after it as kids typically do. You wake up and realize the children are missing and off you go on your platforming adventure to find them. Now, the tale starts at work, in your office, and yes, you're asleep again.Things start here before you move on to other levels. 

All of the kids somehow find your job and explore the office building. You wake up at your desk and notice that the kids are running free at work. Once again, you have to save the day as the kids have themselves a ball in the hilariously trapped-filled office.