Following the release of Dynasty Scrolls in December, YOOZOO Games has announced that four new Heroes have been added to the card-based RPG. Each of them will bring their own set of skills and abilities and we'll get into more depth about them right away.

Xun Yu, the Emperor’s Advisor – Wei faction

Xun Yu is a legendary hero who is very adept at dealing AoE damage. His skill Break Ground will deal huge damage to enemies in the front row whilst Imperial Counselor will dish out a sizeable chunk of damage alongside reducing enemy damage and applying a bleed debuff.

Zhuge Liang, the Sleeping Dragon – Shu faction

Zhuge Liang is a hero who looks to buff his own allies whilst putting enemies at a disadvantage. He can disrupt the enemy flanks with his magic AoE attack, Wind Ritual. Beyond that, Qimen Dunjia is a huge tornado that reduces the health of high HP enemies alongside increasing ally Block by 15%.

Sun Ce, Beloved by Many – Wu faction

Sun Ce can deal raw physical damage to an enemy and any unfortunate adjacent targets by using Conquering Might. His second spell, Overlord's Roar, meanwhile, is more of a support move. It increases players' attack and defence by 10% alongside raising crit rate and damage by 25%. Additionally, there is a 50% chance to gain 5 rage to carry out more attacks.

Zuo Ci, the Righteous Mystic – Warlords faction

Finally, Zuo Ci will focus on attacking the enemy's back-row with his ability Theurgy. Elsewhere, Encompassing Lightning will ignore some of the opponent's defences, increase ally Evasion and also carries a chance of turning an enemy into a bear, which reduces their attack by a massive 50%.

Dynasty Scrolls is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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