The United Nations Environment Programme has launched Reset Earth, a new mobile game about the Ozone layer that aims to teach children and adolescents about the fundamental role it plays in protecting the earth.

It’s a platformer that combines hand-drawn art with a retro-style gameplay where you switch between characters and utilise their unique abilities across four different levels. Each one explores the impact of climate change and the importance of the ozone layer, and by solving puzzles you can learn about the planet’s ecological history and the science behind protecting it.

The Reset Earth platform launched last month in the form of an animation film that explored collective positive action, with the plot of the film continuing in interactive form with the release of the mobile game on iOS and Android.

“The protection of the ozone layer cannot be considered a done deal,” said Meg Seki from the Ozone Secretariat at the launch announcement of the project last month. “It must be a continuous effort by us and by future generations. If our children learn about the grim consequences of a ruined ozone layer through a fantasy cartoon and game app, they will be aware of its importance and protect it.”

Reset Earth is available now as a free to play game on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. You can also read more about it on the official website for Reset Earth.

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