Independent developer Tobias Sturn – also know as Emoak – has announced their new game Lyxo - a game of light will be heading for iOS and Android on February 24th. You may be familiar with Sturn from their previous game Machinaero, which released back in 2019.

Lyxo is a puzzle game that looks to explore the emotional interaction between light and darkness. The aim of the game is to divert rays of light around obstacles and ultimately illuminate darkened rooms. According to Sturn, each light source in the game emits thousands of individual rays that refract and reflect as you would expect.

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Players will also use the various sources of light to create different colours as they make their way through the game's 87 handcrafted levels, which contain puzzles that promise an array of unexpected solutions. Lyxo makes use of a minimalistic Bauhaus-inspired design, which you can check out in the embedded trailer above.

It's quite the move away from the likes of Machinaero then, a game where you create your own vehicles, especially in terms of aesthetics. However, they both aim for some semblance of realism in their execution, something that Sturn always tries to implement into his games.

The concept of Lyxo came to Tobias Sturn when he was simply lying in bed one day and a beam of light crept through his room and cut through the darkness. From there, Sturn immediately thought of creating a game that made use of mirrors to guide light through darkened rooms.

Lyxo will be available over on the App Store and Google Play on February 24th. It will be a premium title that costs $2.99.

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