The mobile games industry has long been known for all of the unique and different independent games that can be found around every corner within the various app stores. From the likes of Florence, to former Big Indie Pitch winners like What The Golf!?, we’ve seen many go from breakout hit to stardom. Nevertheless, with the potential next big thing hidden behind every corner, it can sometimes be somewhat hard to discover that next indie gem.

Well, this problem is exactly why we set up our regular international competition for indie developers, The Big Indie Pitch, around 8 years ago. From San Francisco to Hong Kong and everywhere in between, we currently run around 20 of these global events a year in order to showcase all the amazing new indie games in development. Of course, there are prizes and international recognition, but the reward is the chance to show all of you readers some of the latest games in development.

It’s 2021, and whilst we’re still keeping socially distant, that doesn’t mean that The Big Indie Pitch can’t continue to highlight all of the amazing indie talent found all over the globe. 2020 saw us place the spotlight on so many amazing games, all of which were covered right here on Pocket Gamer, so whilst we obviously can’t wait to get back on the road, we were understandably excited for the first digital pitch of 2021.

Much like with our previous digital pitches, the demand for our next digital pitches was as high as ever, with 10 of the most exciting games battling it out for the crown. Nevertheless, three games rose to the top, with Israel-based Drimia Interactive’s Aztec Ride being crowned the winner.

Of course, Aztec Ride, as you already know, was the winner, but we always award prizes for the top three. So read on to not only find out more about Aztec Ride but also our runners-up and every single other game from The Digital Big Indie Pitch (Mobile) #5.