Finifugu Games has opened pre-registration for its cute pet collection game, Otter Ocean, for iOS and Android devices.

It’s a passive and relaxing experience where you collect adorable otters to pet, feed and train them into becoming master divers, and you also get to build up your dream kingdom made of all these mysterious otters. Think of it as a bit like the classic PC game Petz, except with 100% more otters.

You come back to the game every day to see something new, all while collecting tasty foods and shiny pearls gathered by your otter friends. You do this while continuing to discover new otters, hidden secrets and new worlds to explore.

Still unconvinced? Here’s a short trailer detailing a bit of the basic gameplay you can except in Otter Ocean.

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Once the game launches in February, there’ll be content added to it each week, meaning it’s always worth popping back on to see what’s new. There are also special events that will let you earn exclusive otters and unique prizes.

You can pre-register your interest in Otter Ocean now on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It will be a free to play title containing adverts, and the game is expected to release on 24th February according to the App Store page, so you'll still have to wait a little while before being able to play it.

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