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Otter Ocean is set to dive onto iOS and Android devices next month

Otter Ocean is set to dive onto iOS and Android devices next month

Finifugu’s upcoming Otter Ocean is a charming, ultra-cute, and low-intensity game that lets you collect adorably fuzzy otters and set them off on deep-sea dives for cool trinkets and unexpected treasures. With its vibrant colours, light-hearted music, and too-cute otter noises, this idle collection game makes good use of its overall cuteness factor as its main appeal.

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While the game mostly targets younger female audiences with a penchant for all things “kawaii”, Otter Ocean will no doubt tickle anyone’s fancy as long as you’re into Sanrio-esque aesthetics - or saving the seas, for that matter. Each dive spot an otter combs through lets it come up with trinkets and treasures that clean up the waters and beautify the beach at the same time, as these discoveries can be used as decor to brighten up your surroundings. Collecting these trinkets will fill up your collection logbook. Eventually, more dives will reveal more otters, and more otters will unlock more dive spots throughout the game.

Otter Ocean dives onto iOS and Android on March 10. You can check out Finifugu Games' Instagram and Facebook channels to learn even more about how you can feed, pet, and groom your very own otter collection.