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Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt is now available for iOS and Android

Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt is now available for iOS and Android

Finifugu Games has finally launched the eagerly anticipated Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt for iOS and Android.

Following our preview when it entered pre-registration last month, we’ve been keeping a close eye on developments for the ultra-cute, pet collection game, which we’re pleased to report is now available for mobile devices worldwide.

It offers a low-intensity, relaxing experience where you’ll collect adorable otters to comfort, train, feed, and send off on deep-sea dives. And, on top of building a menagerie of fuzzy friends, you’ll get to adorn your homestead on the beach with the valuable trinkets they bring back from their ocean excursions.

Each day, when you return to the game, you’ll find something new waiting for you; a batch of seashells (in-game currency), precious pearls, or just some random junk which you can repurpose into cool little gadgets, like sea radios.

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Every so often, when you send your otters for a dive they’ll come back with a new otter companion. And the more otters you collect, the more dive spots are opened throughout the game.

With its charming Sanrio-style design and simple gameplay mechanics, Otter Ocean provides a pleasant and calming break whenever you need a little escapism.

You can find Otter Ocean available to download for free right now from the App Store and Google Play.