Board games have been making their way onto digital platforms more and more each year. Whether the board game exists in physical form or it is completely designed for mobile, board games are something people all over the world love. We have seen a rise in board game players as people this year have found themselves with their family more, looking for games that everyone can play together. That's why we've come together to create this list of the best new mobile digital board games of 2020.

Around the holidays, there is further increase in playing board games, as so many classics can be downloaded to your phone, without having to look for missing pieces or dusty boxes that have been in storage for quite some time. Along with the adaptation of board games in the digital space, there have been an increase of mobile card games and mobile tabletop games that are completely created digitally - cutting out the cost of creating a full product and bringing that to market.

All of that is to say that there have been a lot of digital board games in 2020, but we have compiled a list of the best digital board games that have come out over this last year, in case you missed some of the best of the best. Let’s get into it; Click through below to find out what we think the best new mobile digital board games of 2020 are.